Transparency is at the core of our professional commitment to our clients. We want you to know all costs for services. We want you to understand your investments, and how they are performing. To this end, ongoing contact with you is our promise.

Our fiduciary responsibility means we are legally bound to act in your best interest. Along with that commitment comes the utmost objectivity and integrity. Part of our service is to conduct in-depth research on all classes of investments to determine which ones best meet your financial objectives. Since we are not bound to any one broker-dealer or type of product, we can be completely objective about which financial products will enrich your investment portfolio. We believe this is the most ethical way to operate a financial services business. Our only loyalty is to you.

Investment Philosophy

An outgrowth of our value system is our obsession with research and a disciplined investment process. Individual client portfolios may include a wide variety of asset classes and investment vehicles. We buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs and other funds in a tax-efficient manner and by minimizing transaction costs.

We use a variant of a core-satellite approach, first considering the macroeconomic environment (e.g., what is happening in the world with interest rates, with the stock market) and blending passive and active investment across traditional asset classes (e.g., stocks, bonds, cash) and alternative assets such as REITs, commodities and other actively managed funds.

Within each asset class, we choose investments largely based on fundamentals — factors affecting the value of the asset —and compare them to prevailing market prices to identify underpriced securities and market segments. The return potential of each client portfolio is matched to his or her tolerance for risk and financial return objectives.

Fee-Only® Advantages

As independent Fee-Only® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practioners, we are not tied to broker-dealers or financial products companies. This gives us the freedom to invest in any of the thousands of mutual funds, as well as individual stocks and bonds, available. Research lays the groundwork for every investment plan we make.

And while there are no guarantees that risk can be avoided entirely, our incentive is to provide advice and service that continually moves you toward your goals. Because when you succeed, we do so as well.